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IREALIST Single Electric Breast Pump,Automatic Breastfeeding Pump Breast Massager Milk Pump with Adjustable Suction Strength (Yellow)

IREALIST Single Electric Breast Pump,Automatic

Specification: BPA-free DB:≤47db Weight:0.75kg Flow capacity:3.0LPM Suction power:170-400mmhg(23-45KPa) Frequency:14-60n/min Bottle capacity: 150ml-200ml (about 5-6 OZ) Material:PPABSSilica gel Relevant Certificate:FDA,CE,ROHS,PSE…

Electric Breast Pump (Massage Plus Breast-Feeding Dual Mode), with Rechargeable Battery, Multi-Frequency Suction Mode and Backflow Prevention Design Uppel

Electric Breast Pump (Massage Plus Breast-Feeding Dual

To customers:Congratulations on you to be a motherBut here are the main issues you may encounterYou may be excited because you are a new mother, but you do not have any idea of baby careOf course, breastfeeding bothering both you and other new mothers, is not itNow, this is not any problem. As a gift to all new breastfeeding mothers, this breast pump provides the perfect service for mother and baby, making it easier to have a happy breastfeedingUppel breast pump is designed for breastfeedingThe perfect love for your baby and yourself is starting from using this breast pump. For you: 1. Give your baby plenty of milk. 2. Know how much your baby eats. 3. Helps to comfortably massage the breasts. For your baby: 1. Authentic breast sucking experience 2. Rely on the mother's breasts.3. Clean and healthy milk Description1. Clean the pump and lid with water. Washing by hand or dishwasher, it is recommended on the top shelf of the dishwasher. 2. Disinfect the pump in boiling water for 3-5 minutes without microwaves. 3. Adjust the pump and pump the nipple toward the center of the pump. Squeeze the center of the pump and release it to create suction, connecting the pump to the breast. 4.That's it and just let the pump do the rest. 5. Cover the pump cover to prevent dust from entering. (Please note that the lid is only used for covering, not 100% leak…

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